My Gear


FujiFilm X-T3

This is my main work horse, a 26MP camera with dual card slots for backup and of course peace of mind.  


FujiFilm 18-55mm

The 18-55mm lens is the standard Fujifilm kit lens and is superb; it's versatile and ideal for travel, street photography and videoing.

FujiFilm 10-24mm Ultra Wide

This is my go to lens for landscape photography. It is a sharp lens that suffers no vignetting or distortion that other wide angle lenses can be guilty of.

FujiFilm 50-230mm Zoom

I use this lens for nature, sports and portrait shots.  

FujiFilm 56mm Portrait Lens

The 56mm f/1.2 prime is such a good lens for portraits. The aperture of f/1.2 produces a shallow depth of field which really makes your subject stand out.

FujiFilm 27mm Prime

This is my favourite lens for street photography because of the size and the quality of the images that it produces.

FujiFilm 60mm Macro Lens

The 60mm f/2.4 macro is a stunning lens for macro photography. It's not the most powerful but it does produce some very sharp close images. 


Godox X2T Trigger for FujiFilm

The Godox trigger is very easy to use and can handle many flash units. Strength of the flash for individual flash units can be altered from the trigger.

Godox TT685f for FujiFilm

I have three of these flash units, although one flash can achieve great results I can add in another flash to extend the creative envelope when I want to.